#Youtuber: Chiara Ragnini canta Nek


Alex Menietti

Giornalista, commerciante, autore di un libro e arbitro di calcio. Quello che più mi diverte è però fare il blogger. Scrivo di musica dal 2008 e, di tanto in tanto, collaboro con un'importata testata nazionale.

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  4. yes i want to know how her knee is healing too..i’m assuming that this was filmed after the 25th and she’s referring to her knee? or she might be referring to her ankle if it was filmed before the 25th…please can someone translate!!

  5. Hmm…I don’t know what your choices say about you other than yes, you like a good rock song. Me too. I can’t believe I didn’t put something by Guns-n-Roses…Sweet Child Of Mine maybe if I had a Number 8. This was a toughie, so thanks for playing

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